Monday, August 20, 2012

Nervous Beginning, Wonderful Support

Today is the beginning of my journey into graduate school.  I have received my first two assignments.  Thankfully I'm almost done with the first one already.

Although I know my family is very supportive, sometimes it helps to know there are others cheering me on as well.

Yesterday I was having some quiet time, trying to calm my nervousness. When I looked down, I saw the bracelets on my left wrist.

Red: ADA, White: You Can Do This Project, Silver: Diabetes, Blue: Living Vertical

It's like my left wrist was a DOC bulletin board, reminding me of all the people out there rooting for me. Not just encouraging me in my diabetes management, but life in general. Ever since I decided to apply for graduate school, I have received so much encouragement from people I have never met, brought together by diabetes.

Thank you to my family and my "family" in the DOC! I love you all!!!


  1. I love your "bulletin board"!! :)

  2. That's quite the collection! Look at all the people cheering you on!