Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new day, looking at a new month

Today was a new day and I feel so much better than I did the previous two days.  Tomorrow starts a new month.  A new page of the calendar. 

At our house, we have a large desk calendar mounted on the wall.  Next to that hangs a package of fine-tipped markers that say, "Do Not Remove! Mom's markers!"  Our large calendar is color-coded with each member of the family (including Mom and Dad) assigned a color.  (My favorite color is green so that's my marker color.)  When people ask how I keep things straight with having five children, I mention our calendar. 

Of course I have to remember to put things on the calendar.  Most of our family's schedule is in my head.  Hubby was lucky that I was sick on a Friday.  Specifically that Friday, when there was nothing planned.  Every other Friday we have piano, but that's not on the calendar yet.  He was also lucky it wasn't Tuesday or Thursday.  Those are swim lesson days which are also not on the calendar.  Tuesdays are also anime club.  Oh and Thursdays are also newspaper and percussion ensemble days.  None of those things on the calendar.  I think I actually do have Girl Scout Mondays labeled, but I'm not sure.  So far Wednesdays are pretty open, but then there are those days that I work that aren't on the calendar.  I guess I'd better check my craft fair schedule as well.  Oops!

Sometimes I feel this way about my diabetes.  I have a pretty good idea what's going on, but no one else does.  Or I might have a small idea of what's happening here and now, but the big picture is just too overwhelming.  I check my blood sugar levels, when I remember.  I don't really do anything with those numbers.  I have a cable and software so I can upload my results onto my computer but I don't do that very often.  How often do I compare my results with what I ate to check for a pattern (good, bad, or in between)?  Exercise is often hit or miss.   I know overall my diabetes is in good control but then I take a step back - Is it really? 

It may be in good enough control to not require medication at this point.  It might be in good enough control for my A1c results to come down.  But honestly is it in good enough control?  Could I be doing better?  The Lord blessed me with five wonderful girls to raise.  If they were the ones with diabetes, would I just say, "Eh, it's good enough"?  I need to keep in mind that I am not doing this just for me.  I am not the only one effected by diabetes in this family.  It effects everyone - my husband, my children, even my dogs (hmm possible blog topic for another day).  If I'm not doing my best, it's not good enough!

Tomorrow's goal: At least get February's calendar up to date!  (And try to update the other months while I'm at it.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Illness and the diabetic

When you're diabetic, illness poses a special challenge.  Since Thursday evening, I've been dealing with what I'm assuming is a flu bug.  As I was leaving church after bell choir rehearsal, I suddenly started to feel sick.  I barely slept all night due to the discomfort.  Friday was spent either in bed, in the recliner, or on the couch.  I couldn't even lift my head.  At lunchtime I was able to eat some saltines to which I was able to add a little margarine to them around mid-afternoon.  Dinner consisted of about 2-3 oz of pulled pork (no bbq sauce, thank you).

This morning, my fasting glucose level was 109, lower than typical for me, not surprising.  I have been able to sit upright but not able to stand for more than a few minutes.  This is very frustrating for a mom of five children.  I have housework to tend to, no time to just sit around.  However I know I'm not doing anymore any good by pushing myself too fast.  By laying low yesterday, I was able to let my body heal without making my glucose levels go too low.  Unfortunately I had to depend on my body to regulate things since I wasn't able to do it with food or activity.

I'm still learning about diabetes and I know that my diabetes is very different than what others are dealing with.  I feel lucky that I don't have to deal with medication at this time.  However, I do know I need to regulate the amount of carbs I consume and the amount of exercise I do.  When a diabetic is sick, all the normal management plans go out the window.  It have been a guessing game for me during these last two days.  I'm feeling much better, though a little weak.  I am thankful for a wonderful husband and five great kids who have been helping take care of me so I can get back on my feet quickly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday + Zumba = Spaghetti legs

Tonight was my second Zumba class (I missed last Wednesday due to ice on the roads).  I'm getting better at the moves and holding up.  The strange thing is my glucose readings afterward.  Last week I was in the 150s; today in the 130s.  I eat dinner about an hour before class which should hold me through and not cause a liver dump, but I'm not sure.  (Liver dump = when the liver "dumps" extra glucose in the bloodstream to help to avoid low blood sugar levels, sometimes causing glucose levels to go high)

I did warn the teacher, someone I've known for a few years, about my diabetes.  Basically I told her if I look spacey and not able to follow several moves, ask if I'm doing ok.  Since the class is right after dinner, it shouldn't be an issue.  I need to find a good balance of the right number of carbs to get me through class. 

Right now I'm thinking I need to take some ibuprofen for my sore legs.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oops, I did it again...

When will I learn that giving my mouth a party also causes my glucose levels to throw a party that is over the top?  I'm making cookies with the youngest and I've had three.  *sigh*  Yes, three.  I need to find some low carb, diabetes friendly sweets.  If anyone has book or web site suggestions with recipes, I'd be very thankful!

Today's BEST:  During fellowship time at church this morning, my youngest scolded me for having a cookie.  LOL

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow day! Umm I mean ice day!

Today the kids have a day off school.  Freezing rain has covered the roads.  If you're careful and mindful of the ice, it's not too bad, but it seems to be getting worse.  The YMCA drop-in nursery, where I work, is also closed today.  For me to get to work isn't bad since I live within walking distance, however they have to take in consideration everyone's safety.  Of course my kids love that I don't have to go into work this morning.  Maybe I'll make cookies with them today.

One of the most dangerous side-effects of freezing rain is the weight on the ice on the power lines.  Hoping that the power stays on.  If it goes out, we'll just all bundle up under blankets and maybe I'll read to everyone.  Hmm, that actually sounds like a fun idea even if the lights stay on.

Today's BEST:  Having extra time with my children!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pity party

There are days, more than I'd like to admit, where I have a little private pity party.  I want to sit and eat a whole bag of potato chips with plenty of French onion dip.  Then add to it some chocolate, maybe made into the form of cookies, though it's always fun to eat handfuls of chocolate chips.  I had a mini-binge earlier today - some chocolate chips from the baking cabinet.  Did I honestly need a whole handful or would a few satisfied the chocolate craving?  "Moderation not deprivation," a dietitian once told me.  I don't want to test my blood sugar.  I don't want to exercise.  And of course, as you can tell, I don't want to watch my carbs.  I want to be a bratty little child!

However, I look at my children and know that I need to take care of their mommy if their mommy is going to take care of them.  I look at my loving husband and know that to love and honor him I must first love and honor myself.  I look at my loving Lord and know that I cannot treat my neighbor with kindness if I am not kind to myself.

So today I will take care of myself, love and honor myself, and be kind to myself... with God's help!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was the first day of the new session at our YMCA.  I decided to try a different class and signed up for Zumba (M&W nights) and Aqua Fit (Sat morning).  Zumba was great!  It was a lot of fun!  We had a wide range of ages (teen through retirees) and ability levels, but we were all moving the entire class (50 min). No one had to be carried out! hehe ;)  While I was getting ready for my shower, I decided to check my glucose (about 1.5-2 hrs postprandial).  I was surprised that it was 150, so I checked again after my shower and it was 154. Hmmm, liver dump?  I went ahead and ate my snack (Kashi bar) and headed home.  My legs are sore and I know I'm going to hurt in the morning.  My plan is to walk on the treadmill for a bit tomorrow morning and try to work any stiffness. 

An hour after my Kashi bar, I joined my family for ice cream, chocolate chip cookie, and a little Nutella on top.  *sigh*  Two hours later I'm at 160.  I need to make better choices with my snacks.  I need to remember the stash of nuts I have in the cabinet or the Jell-o Mousse Temptations that are leftover from my get-together last weekend.

Today's BEST:  Sore legs after a great workout!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love/hate relationship with carbs

Why is it when I crave carbs my glucose levels are already high which of course makes them higher then I feel like a bump on a log and have no desire to do any physical activity to help lower the high glucose levels?

Oh, carbs, how I love you so yet also hate you!

Today's BEST: The monster chocolate chip cookies in the oven making the house smell so yummy of cookie carb goodness!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finished the book!

Wow!  The book was just under 200 pages and I finished it early this evening while waiting for hubby to get off work.  It's a book on leadership but written in a novel format which makes it easy for me to read.  It's not written like a textbok or a lecture.  The book tells a story and teaches along the way.  What an awesome book!  I can't wait to discuss it with the other women at book club on Friday!

Today's BEST:  Reading a book while working out on the treadmill.  Exercising my body and my brain!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Engrossed in a book, a real hard cover book

I will admit that I'm a little engrossed in the online world at times.  Umm, ok, so I'm a lot engrossed.  Yes, I'm addicted to the internet.  There, I said it.  Happy?  Hmm....

So anyways, I'm in a book club with a group of awesome women.  We laugh and cry together once a month, eat, and try to discuss a book.  This month we're reading The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter.  It's a great read!  Fast and thought provoking.  Right now the book is calling me from the other room, so I'm going to go get in my pj's and read until I fall asleep!

Today's BEST:  Having a strong desire to do something other than play online.  Off to read my book!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wii had more fun today!

It seems whenever we have friends over to play on the Wii, our children find a renewed interest in it and we have Wii playing marathons.  We played Wii Fit most of the afternoon.  My legs are a little tired, but in a good way.  The kid had fun and didn't just sit around inside the house.

We had 4-H this afternoon, too.  As a service project, we made fleece braided rope dog toys for the animal shelter.  I've made them for craft fairs, so the girls and I demonstrated how to make them and the whole club made lots of dog toys.  I meant to count them, but there were so many.  The children were so proud of their work!

I have a decision to make - whether to be a participant in the ADA Step Out walk or organize a local walk this fall.  The closest walk, the one I did this last fall, is almost an hour away.  I know a lot of people would participate if there was a walk here in town.  It's such a difficult decision.  If anyone has organized a third party event for the ADA, I'd love to hear from you with feelings and suggestions.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wii had fun today!

(Real short since I'm tired, but I'll include some links for you all.)  Today was a lot of fun!  First hubby and I went shopping for food and some other little things.  Then I went to a baby shower for a family from church.  I really enjoy getting together with other adults and I got to snuggle a little baby boy.  That's something this mom of five girls doesn't get to do very often.  After lunch, we had some friends come over to try Your Shape and Just Dance on the Wii as well as try Mousse Temptations from Jell-o.  Fun and food!  My wonderful hubby also offered some other snacks like a cheese-cracker-sausage tray, a veggie tray, chips and salsa, plus some other little things that escape my mind right now.  Thanks to House Party for all of the fun!

Today's BEST:  Having a great group of friends over to play, eat, and just have fun!  We also played the other Wii games we have.  Thanks for coming over!  I can't wait to have friends over again soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Working and working out

One advantage of working at a YMCA is the convenience of being able to work out before or after work.  However, working in the drop-in nursery usually means that when my shift is over, the nursery is closed, so I'm unable to work out because of having #5 with me.  Yesterday and today were snow days for my school-age children, so I decided to take advantage of this situation.  While getting ready for work, I also packed my gym bag.  After work, I changed clothes and went on the treadmill.  Oh did that feel good!  I haven't worked out much lately and I'm missing it!  I'm far from a fitness guru, but since my diabetes diagnosis I have been working out and actually enjoying it.  (I'm one that took JROTC in high school to get out of PE.)

However to my surprise, my glucose levels were in the low 120s about 15-20 min after my workout.  Considering I ate a Kashi granola bar as I was getting ready to work out (to prevent a low), I guess overall it was ok.  Hubby and I went out for lunch where I had a great salad and a diet Coke.  I came home to find that the kids had actually done some of their chores.  Hmm, I think this deserves some homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Today's BEST:  Deciding I was going to work out, actually doing it, and *gasp* enjoying it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How could I forget?

*bangs head on wall*  I forgot to write in my blog yesterday.  I guess with all the excitement of a possible snow day today, it just slipped my mind.  Well I'm wanting to head to bed, but I didn't want to skip another day. Yes, we had a snow day today.  I let the kids sleep in, though two of them were up before the time my alarm clock goes off.  That explains part of the reason I'm tired.

I need to get back into an exercise routine.  Hmm, maybe I'll try to hit the treadmill tomorrow after work then I'll head home and make lunch for the kids and hubby (school was canceled for tomorrow as well).

Today's BEST:  Walking a couple blocks in the quiet with only the sound of the snow crunching under my boots.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy busy

Today has been a busy, busy day!  After dropping everyone off, the youngest one and I went shopping for our first of the month stock up shop - toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.  Since it was cold outside and we had no commitments until lunchtime, we took our time walking around the store.  After about 2.5 hrs, we decided to pay for the items in our cart and head home.  I was craving a diet Coke and Snickers bar (my typical impulse items), so of course I added them to my purchase.  Yes, I tested my glucose level before eating it.  Thanks to walking around the store, pushing a cart, my numbers were in good shape.

At lunchtime, we went out to our favorite Asian buffet where we ran into a couple of my husband's coworkers and the staff from our church.  Our five year old is really liking our new pastor and was excited to see her as well as the others from church.  I'm glad she likes the new pastor and has clicked with her.  Our previous pastor is awesome and the children love her, so I was concerned how they would take to this new one.  So far they all like her.

This afternoon I put away my morning purchases and did the usual after school running around.
  • Pick up two kids 
  • Get the younger three started on chores
  • Pick up older two and a friend 
  • #2 and friend practice a trumpet duet
  • Pick up dog food and hubby
  • Back home 
  • Pick up second one and her friend to take the friend home.  
  • Dinner.  
  • Homework.  
  • Watch a little TV and play online
Now it's only 8:30pm and I'm ready for bed.  The cold weather we've been having has been chilling me to the bone.  Right now it's 3* with a -15* windchill.  This morning the windchill was -24*.  I'm surprised that we had school today.  I think I'm going to end here and enjoy some low carb hot chocolate with some homemade graham crackers.  That's the BEST ending I can think of for this cold day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Well we got all the kids to school on time, even with one on crutches.  Thanks to the school for letting me pull up in the drive where the buses drop off.  Hubby was probably a few minutes late, but he works so much extra time from home, plus he had a shorter lunchtime today so I could take Miss Toe to the doc, so it all evens off.  Her appointment went well.  Her toe is swollen but healing well.  With less bandaging around her toe and foot, she's finally able to wear both shoes, though her toe is still a little sore.  We're planning on having her use the crutches for at least another day or two and take it from there.

While at work, I got sudden pangs of hunger.  It was around 10am so I decided to check my glucose levels.  I was in the upper 150s.  Not good considering I was 2.5 hrs past breakfast.  I'm wondering if that hunger pang feeling is a symptom of a liver dump, when the liver thinks the mouth will not be receiving any food in the immediate future and decides to dump extra glucose in the bloodstream.  I need to remember to eat regular snacks before my sugar rises.

Today's BEST: Watching Miss Toe walk around the house with two shoes on, even if gingerly. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of Christmas vacation

Today was the last day of our Christmas break (officially called Winter Vacation, but whatever).  The younger three children were just sent upstairs to brush their teeth and put on their pajamas.  The two teenagers will be sent up in about an hour.  Then hubby and I will hit the hay, only to be woken at 6:00 am by a nasty alarm clock.  (Kids get up at 6:30 am.)

Overall it was a pretty laid back day.  My fasting glucose is still higher than I'd like, but within the normal range for me.  I know I'm not the only one who has good numbers during the day but high fasting numbers, but sometimes it's so frustrating.  Of course I'm not perfect and I realize it.  My meter reminds me that I'm not a perfect diabetic.  I need to get back to working out at the YMCA on a regular basis.  I've signed up for two classes that start in two weeks - Zumba and Aqua Fit.  I'm hoping at least a couple other days each week I can walk the treadmill or something else.

Today's BEST: Having a nice relaxing day before starting the school/work routine again tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second day of the new year

Today I was planning on being as lazy as possible.  Well I wound up taking a shower, getting dressed, loading the dishwasher, and doing a bunch of laundry.  Most of the laundry I did belongs to my middle child, who cut her toe yesterday, requiring five stitches.  I replaced the broken plastic storage bin that cut her toe with a new one, organized her dresser, stripped her bed, washed all of her bedding (the girl loves blankets!), washed her laundry, folded and put away her laundry, and made her bed.  We also decided to get her a pair of crutches, so I went to the pharmacy where I was able to borrow a pair for just a $10 refundable deposit.  Not a bad deal!  Now she can go to school on Monday even if she can't put on a shoe or put any weight on her foot.  (Thankfully her classroom is on the first floor so I don't have to worry about stairs.)

I'm proud of myself for checking my glucose levels twice yesterday and twice today.  Yes, my ideal is four times, but considering how I've been slacking - two is good!  My numbers weren't the greatest, but they weren't terrible either.  I've also been tracking what I eat at SparkPeople again, which I know really helps!

Today's BEST:  The awesome homemade chili that hubby and I made.  Ok, he did most of the work, but I started the beans soaking last night and stirred the meat while he cut up the green peppers.  I'll have to say that what made it awesome is our own canned tomato sauce and frozen green peppers from this summer's garden!  That's what made it the BEST!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Best New Year's Eve

NaBloPoMo's challenge of the month is "BEST."  My plan is to post what is the best about each day.  The best about today, January 1, 2010, is having a fun evening with my family.  We had the kids do some housework during the day, but once the laundry on my bed was folded and put away, it was party time.  We had snacks and the Wii set up.  Playing "Just Dance" was fun and helped off-set the carbs I was eating.  I admit I didn't test my glucose level, but I'm sure it was better than it could have been.

Of course New Year's is also about resolutions.  My goals for this year are things that are measurable and reachable.  Vague resolutions like "lose weight" and "spend more time with the family" are almost certain to fail.  Being more specific helps to keep me on track.

My goals for 2010 are:
  • lose 20 lbs 
  • lower my A1c to under 6.0
  • check my glucose levels at least twice per day
  • take the children to the Y for non-class time at least once per week
  • eat out only one lunch and one dinner per week
  • follow my plan through Financial Peace University
 I'll let you know how it goes!  It's now 12:30 am and time to head to bed.  Happy New Year, everyone!  May 2010 bring you many blessings.  Good night!