Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second day of the new year

Today I was planning on being as lazy as possible.  Well I wound up taking a shower, getting dressed, loading the dishwasher, and doing a bunch of laundry.  Most of the laundry I did belongs to my middle child, who cut her toe yesterday, requiring five stitches.  I replaced the broken plastic storage bin that cut her toe with a new one, organized her dresser, stripped her bed, washed all of her bedding (the girl loves blankets!), washed her laundry, folded and put away her laundry, and made her bed.  We also decided to get her a pair of crutches, so I went to the pharmacy where I was able to borrow a pair for just a $10 refundable deposit.  Not a bad deal!  Now she can go to school on Monday even if she can't put on a shoe or put any weight on her foot.  (Thankfully her classroom is on the first floor so I don't have to worry about stairs.)

I'm proud of myself for checking my glucose levels twice yesterday and twice today.  Yes, my ideal is four times, but considering how I've been slacking - two is good!  My numbers weren't the greatest, but they weren't terrible either.  I've also been tracking what I eat at SparkPeople again, which I know really helps!

Today's BEST:  The awesome homemade chili that hubby and I made.  Ok, he did most of the work, but I started the beans soaking last night and stirred the meat while he cut up the green peppers.  I'll have to say that what made it awesome is our own canned tomato sauce and frozen green peppers from this summer's garden!  That's what made it the BEST!

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