Saturday, January 30, 2010

Illness and the diabetic

When you're diabetic, illness poses a special challenge.  Since Thursday evening, I've been dealing with what I'm assuming is a flu bug.  As I was leaving church after bell choir rehearsal, I suddenly started to feel sick.  I barely slept all night due to the discomfort.  Friday was spent either in bed, in the recliner, or on the couch.  I couldn't even lift my head.  At lunchtime I was able to eat some saltines to which I was able to add a little margarine to them around mid-afternoon.  Dinner consisted of about 2-3 oz of pulled pork (no bbq sauce, thank you).

This morning, my fasting glucose level was 109, lower than typical for me, not surprising.  I have been able to sit upright but not able to stand for more than a few minutes.  This is very frustrating for a mom of five children.  I have housework to tend to, no time to just sit around.  However I know I'm not doing anymore any good by pushing myself too fast.  By laying low yesterday, I was able to let my body heal without making my glucose levels go too low.  Unfortunately I had to depend on my body to regulate things since I wasn't able to do it with food or activity.

I'm still learning about diabetes and I know that my diabetes is very different than what others are dealing with.  I feel lucky that I don't have to deal with medication at this time.  However, I do know I need to regulate the amount of carbs I consume and the amount of exercise I do.  When a diabetic is sick, all the normal management plans go out the window.  It have been a guessing game for me during these last two days.  I'm feeling much better, though a little weak.  I am thankful for a wonderful husband and five great kids who have been helping take care of me so I can get back on my feet quickly.

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  1. I've been diagnosed for 2 years and it still always is rough for me when I'm sick. Mostly it seems to make my levels high even if I'm not eating anything. Our poor fingertips get worn out when we're sick! Hope you're feeling better.