Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday + Zumba = Spaghetti legs

Tonight was my second Zumba class (I missed last Wednesday due to ice on the roads).  I'm getting better at the moves and holding up.  The strange thing is my glucose readings afterward.  Last week I was in the 150s; today in the 130s.  I eat dinner about an hour before class which should hold me through and not cause a liver dump, but I'm not sure.  (Liver dump = when the liver "dumps" extra glucose in the bloodstream to help to avoid low blood sugar levels, sometimes causing glucose levels to go high)

I did warn the teacher, someone I've known for a few years, about my diabetes.  Basically I told her if I look spacey and not able to follow several moves, ask if I'm doing ok.  Since the class is right after dinner, it shouldn't be an issue.  I need to find a good balance of the right number of carbs to get me through class. 

Right now I'm thinking I need to take some ibuprofen for my sore legs.

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