Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Well we got all the kids to school on time, even with one on crutches.  Thanks to the school for letting me pull up in the drive where the buses drop off.  Hubby was probably a few minutes late, but he works so much extra time from home, plus he had a shorter lunchtime today so I could take Miss Toe to the doc, so it all evens off.  Her appointment went well.  Her toe is swollen but healing well.  With less bandaging around her toe and foot, she's finally able to wear both shoes, though her toe is still a little sore.  We're planning on having her use the crutches for at least another day or two and take it from there.

While at work, I got sudden pangs of hunger.  It was around 10am so I decided to check my glucose levels.  I was in the upper 150s.  Not good considering I was 2.5 hrs past breakfast.  I'm wondering if that hunger pang feeling is a symptom of a liver dump, when the liver thinks the mouth will not be receiving any food in the immediate future and decides to dump extra glucose in the bloodstream.  I need to remember to eat regular snacks before my sugar rises.

Today's BEST: Watching Miss Toe walk around the house with two shoes on, even if gingerly. 

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