Friday, March 29, 2013

It's coming! It's coming! (#HAWMC)


Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 2013 starts on April 1st. This is a time when health activists share their blog/Twitter/Facebook page/journal/web site/etc. and post every day for the month of April.
Last I heard there were 130 people signed up. 

It's not too last to join in! To sign up and get the daily WEGO prompt, click here.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sleep is Overrated!

When I list off all that I do (full-time substitute teacher, part-time nursery worker at the YMCA, own a home-based craft business, graduate student, and mom of five kids), I usually end it with, "Sleep is overrated!"

Last night I worked on a paper for school until after midnight.  I got to sleep around 1:00 am and awake by 6:00 am.

I am tired!

Thankfully I am a substitute teacher, so I was able to stay home today.  Although I have a long to-do list, "take a nap" needs to be a priority.  I might even make it a morning nap instead of the typical afternoon nap.  Looking at my afternoon schedule (lunch, pick up college student, pick up public school kids), I don't think a nap would be possible.

Of course stress on the body can mess with my glucose levels.  Lack of sleep can become a cause of such stress.  So by taking a nap, I'm actually practicing good diabetes management, right?

Yeah, let's go with that!  Sweet dreams!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here I Go!

There are some days when I can easily make a decision.  Do I really need to eat breakfast?  *tummy grumble*  Yup! I sure do!  However some days it isn't so easy.  What do I want to wear today?  *looks in closet full of clothes*  I have nothing to wear!

This past week I made a decision about my graduate program that was a mix of easy and hard.  The reading program has two emphasis choices: reading teacher or reading specialist.  The teacher emphasis only requires 24 credit hours and does not require a masters degree.  However, the program is for Kdg-Grade 4, Grades 5-8, or Grades 9-12.  The specialist program is 33 credit hours, requires a masters degree, and is for Kdg-Grade 12.  Since I have caught the "reading interventionist" bug from the experiences I've had substituting for them, I decided I'd take the leap and change my emphasis.

The only problem: reading specialists also require two years teaching experience to get the endorsement.  I don't have that (went from student teacher to stay-at-home mom to substitute teacher).

Ok, that could be a really big problem.  However thanks to the help of a professor in the program who is fielding questions while my advisor is on sabbatical, I no longer need to worry about that dilemma.   If I don't have the two years experience before I finish the program, I will have a reading teacher endorsement until I get that experience.  At that time the endorsement will change to reading specialist.  That is something I will make sure to note on my resume if it comes up.

Of course my hope is to get a full-time teaching job soon so that's a non-issue.  Just in case I am planning out two possible course plans:  one class per semester if I have a teaching position and two classes per semester if I'm still subbing full-time.  Although the first plan is my hope, due to the number of qualified candidates the second one is more likely.  (Being honest with myself here!)

That's ok.  Really it is.  Although I really, really, really (really!) want a full-time teaching job now, I know the right position will come along at the right time.  Not my time.  His time.  God has a plan for me.  He will find when it's the right time to put me in a position that is not only right for me, but where I will be a good fit for the school and the children I serve.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Should I? Should I?

This morning I was sitting at my computer.  Our school district is on spring break, so I'm not subbing this week.  I've been trying to go into work at the Y a little early to get some walking done.  Today I started thinking that I didn't need to wait until this afternoon.  Should I go into the Y and walk the track now?  Should I?  Should I?  Just get up and do it!

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was thinking about it, so of course it made the ranks of "Facebook official."  I definitely had to do it now!

I knew I had some errands to run afterward, so I drove over to the Y, put my coat in a safe place, and got a lap counter from the front desk.  Music from my cell phone and a pair of headphones, I was ready to go!

My goal was to walk two miles.

I did it!

Some of my friends were in the gym below the track, cheering me on.  Yes, their support was important to me but even more important was how I felt.  I was proud of myself for walking two miles.  My glucose levels stayed in range thanks to the carbs I had before leaving home.  I felt accomplished.

After lunch, I ran my errands.  As I was doing a few things around the house, thinking about my goal to go into work early to walk, debating whether I should skip it because of my earlier walk, I found myself asking the same question.  Should I?  Should I?  Yes, again!  Just get up and do it!

So I gathered my things for work and headed out.  With just under a half hour until my shift, I walked another mile!  Once again my glucose numbers were great!

My legs are tired but I am proud of myself.  Did I do this to make others happy?  No.  I did this for me.  Just for me. And I feel good!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What About Me?

Sometimes I feel that everything I do it for others.  I feel like I'm working for my family.  I clean the house for my family.  I make dinner for my family.  I drive them around.  I take them to the store. Even though I love what I'm called to do, there are times when I want to shout, "What about me?"

Something I learned a few years ago was to find something that I enjoy.  Something for me!  My kids are part of the youth bell choirs at our church.  Yes, we're lucky to have two handbell choirs for children - one for grades 3-6, the other for jr/sr high.  I loved watching them play (still do!).  I was missing my time singing in the vocal choir, but that wasn't practical for a mom of five who needed to be in the pew with her children.

Playing in the adult handbell choir was something that I could do.  It allowed me to participate in something musical, have some time with other adults, and allowed me to be in the pew with my children during most of the service.  They're now old enough where I don't need to put anyone in the nursery while I play.

I know that my time at bell choir (and any other "me" activity) isn't because I'm selfish.  Actually quite the opposite.  Just like going to the dentist, which isn't as much fun, I know that to be a good wife and mother I need to be good to myself first.  What better way than making a joyful noise!