Monday, March 11, 2013

Should I? Should I?

This morning I was sitting at my computer.  Our school district is on spring break, so I'm not subbing this week.  I've been trying to go into work at the Y a little early to get some walking done.  Today I started thinking that I didn't need to wait until this afternoon.  Should I go into the Y and walk the track now?  Should I?  Should I?  Just get up and do it!

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was thinking about it, so of course it made the ranks of "Facebook official."  I definitely had to do it now!

I knew I had some errands to run afterward, so I drove over to the Y, put my coat in a safe place, and got a lap counter from the front desk.  Music from my cell phone and a pair of headphones, I was ready to go!

My goal was to walk two miles.

I did it!

Some of my friends were in the gym below the track, cheering me on.  Yes, their support was important to me but even more important was how I felt.  I was proud of myself for walking two miles.  My glucose levels stayed in range thanks to the carbs I had before leaving home.  I felt accomplished.

After lunch, I ran my errands.  As I was doing a few things around the house, thinking about my goal to go into work early to walk, debating whether I should skip it because of my earlier walk, I found myself asking the same question.  Should I?  Should I?  Yes, again!  Just get up and do it!

So I gathered my things for work and headed out.  With just under a half hour until my shift, I walked another mile!  Once again my glucose numbers were great!

My legs are tired but I am proud of myself.  Did I do this to make others happy?  No.  I did this for me.  Just for me. And I feel good!