Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here I Go!

There are some days when I can easily make a decision.  Do I really need to eat breakfast?  *tummy grumble*  Yup! I sure do!  However some days it isn't so easy.  What do I want to wear today?  *looks in closet full of clothes*  I have nothing to wear!

This past week I made a decision about my graduate program that was a mix of easy and hard.  The reading program has two emphasis choices: reading teacher or reading specialist.  The teacher emphasis only requires 24 credit hours and does not require a masters degree.  However, the program is for Kdg-Grade 4, Grades 5-8, or Grades 9-12.  The specialist program is 33 credit hours, requires a masters degree, and is for Kdg-Grade 12.  Since I have caught the "reading interventionist" bug from the experiences I've had substituting for them, I decided I'd take the leap and change my emphasis.

The only problem: reading specialists also require two years teaching experience to get the endorsement.  I don't have that (went from student teacher to stay-at-home mom to substitute teacher).

Ok, that could be a really big problem.  However thanks to the help of a professor in the program who is fielding questions while my advisor is on sabbatical, I no longer need to worry about that dilemma.   If I don't have the two years experience before I finish the program, I will have a reading teacher endorsement until I get that experience.  At that time the endorsement will change to reading specialist.  That is something I will make sure to note on my resume if it comes up.

Of course my hope is to get a full-time teaching job soon so that's a non-issue.  Just in case I am planning out two possible course plans:  one class per semester if I have a teaching position and two classes per semester if I'm still subbing full-time.  Although the first plan is my hope, due to the number of qualified candidates the second one is more likely.  (Being honest with myself here!)

That's ok.  Really it is.  Although I really, really, really (really!) want a full-time teaching job now, I know the right position will come along at the right time.  Not my time.  His time.  God has a plan for me.  He will find when it's the right time to put me in a position that is not only right for me, but where I will be a good fit for the school and the children I serve.

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