Friday, June 28, 2013

Werther's Sugar Free Caramels (product review)

This spring I was contacted by a representative for Werther's candies, asking if I would be willing to try out their sugar free candies. They were hoping to get opinions from some of my friends, too.

I like candy!  These were sugar free.  Sure, why not!

I received a cool box with the four different sugar free flavors:  Classic Caramel, Cinnamon Caramel, Caramel Apple, and Caramel Coffee.  I also received a nice looking candy jar.  It was small, plastic, with their logo on the side, but cute with the lid.  The candies were kind of sparkly inside when the light hit it just right.

Everything was looked over and admired.  Then it was time to try some candies.  Of course my kids helped me sample.  Every flavor was tried at least once.

Classic Caramel - smooth and simple

Cinnamon Caramel - like a red hot with the smooth taste of caramel to calm it down

Caramel Apple - reminds me of those green apple suckers with caramel on top that I used to get

Caramel Coffee - We're not coffee drinkers here, but this one was a hit with me and my 11 year old.  Not overpowering.

I shared all of the flavors with coworkers the next day.  Everyone seemed to love them.  These caramels don't have a sugar free taste, but they also don't have an overwhelming sweet taste either.  Smooth is a good adjective for the Wether's sugar free caramels.

Now the negative.  Since they are sugar free, they need to get their sweetness from somewhere. Isomalt.  Sugar alcohol.  Now the body doesn't see this in the same way of regular sugar, so (for me) it didn't cause a blood sugar spike after three pieces of candy in a row.  However it's good that I stopped at those three pieces.  You see, for some, sugar alcohols can have some nasty intestinal side effects.  I don't know how else to say it but straight out.  For some, diarrhea and other tummy upsets can occur.  Luck for me, all I got was a tummy ache.

Yes, we continued to sample and share these yummy candies, passing out coupons, too. But we made sure to let people know about the sugar alcohols and not to eat too many at once.  Moderation, my friend!

Mr. Hope admiring the Werther's sugar free candies

Disclaimer:  I was contacted by a representative of Werther's through my blog.  The candy and candy dish were sent to me free of charge in hopes that I would share on this blog my honest opinion.  All of the opinions are my own.

The Type 2 Experience

I've posted several times that I sometimes feel alone in my diabetes journey.  My family is awesomely amazing in their support, but sometimes you need someone who has walked in your shoes.  Someone who has been there.  Someone who really understands.

The DOC (diabetes online community) has always been very important to me through this journey.  We've laughed together.  Cried together.  We've supported each other.  There was only one thing.  Most of the DOC consists of people with Type 1.

Please understand that I have nothing against Type 1s.  They're awesome!  Amazing!  It was a Type 1 who was the inspiration for me to start blogging.  However there are times when you want to talk to someone whose struggles are closer to yours.

Sometimes you need the support of someone who is your type.

Then last month I was contacted by Bea Domínguez with the idea of a Type 2 collaborative blog. A group of us started discussing the possibility. The idea took off and The Type 2 Experience was born! There are currently seven of us contributing: Bea Domínguez, Lizmari Collazo, Kate Cornell, Mike Durbin, Rachel Foster, Bob Pedersen, and yours truly.  We each bring out own experiences and perspectives.  Please stop by for a visit.  Click on the authors page to read a little more about the people writing at TT2E.  Links to our personal blogs are there as well.

Welcome to our (diabetic) home!