Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is It Worth It?

I have Type 2 diabetes. I am diet and exercise controlled.

Is it worth it?

This morning I went for a two mile walk.

Is it worth it?

Today, my family had breaded ravioli for lunch. I had a salad, a protein shake, and two raviolis without sauce.

Is it worth it?

While my family had burgers and fries, I had another salad with grilled chicken for dinner.

Is it worth it?

Although I've told my doctor that I have no problem with being on medication or even insulin if needed for my diabetes management, knowing that with healthy eating and exercise I can keep my glucose levels under control (for the most part) makes me happy. When the day comes where I wind up on medication and/or insulin that helps me manage my diabetes, I'll still be happy.

Is it worth it?

I have a husband and five children that depend on me.

Is it worth it?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 2 Day 2

Wow! I honestly can't believe I'm still doing this! Week 2 Day 2 of getting up at 5 am to work out. Something that was an impulsive thought filled with much self-doubt has turned into a successful routine.

So far. 

The real test starts tomorrow. School starts tomorrow which means getting kids out the door in the morning. Which means I'm back to work.
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 My classes start next week which will be another test.

I think the biggest thing that keeps me going is not to think too much. Don't debate in my mind whether I want to do this. Don't complain. Don't feel that I have a choice.

In the words of Yoda,  "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

This is my health. I'm not getting up at 5 am to impress anyone or to win any prize. I'm doing this to be healthy. I'm doing this so I'm around for my husband and children. I'm doing this for me!

If I turn off that 5 am alarm clock and go back to sleep, I can't say, "Well I tried. It's not my fault that 5 am is so early. I'm tiiiiiiiiiiired!"

I chose whether to get up or not. I do or do not. 

I chose DO!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Inspire Me!

Heading to the treadmill at 5:35 am
Three words. Those three words spoken to me yesterday meant the world to me. "You inspire me!"

I have to admit that I'm getting choked up as I write this. These words were spoken by a woman I respect. She's always dressed sharply and appears to have her world well-organized. To be told by someone like this that I inspire her... well that's very humbling.

She said that she was impressed with my early morning exercise routine that I have recently taken on. School is starting soon. It's hard for me to imagine scheduling exercise in the afternoon/evening with after school activities, grad school, homework, and other family responsibilities.

As a result, I'm getting up at 5 am during the week. Yes, it's still somewhat dark when I leave the house just before 5:30 am. My goal is to be done with my workout by 6:30 am at which time my husband will wake up the kids and start their morning routine. After a shower and getting dressed, I'm home by 7 am to finish our morning routine and head to school at 7:30 am.

School starts next week, so I'm trying to get into this new routine now so it becomes habit. So far so good! Today is Wednesday and I've done this for three days. I've walked on the treadmill 2.25-2.61 miles for 40-50 minutes each day. Yes, it's hard to get up at 5 am. During the summer, I've slept until 7-8 am. During the school year, I typically get up around 6-6:30 am. This morning I told a friend, "I found that if I don't think about whether or not I want to get up and just do it without thought, it's a lot easier."

Being told that I inspire someone makes my sharing feel a lot less like rambling. She told me that she had a membership at the Y, but wasn't using it. She said that if I could do it with all of my commitments, she could do it, too. "You inspire me!" Wow!