Friday, January 8, 2010

Working and working out

One advantage of working at a YMCA is the convenience of being able to work out before or after work.  However, working in the drop-in nursery usually means that when my shift is over, the nursery is closed, so I'm unable to work out because of having #5 with me.  Yesterday and today were snow days for my school-age children, so I decided to take advantage of this situation.  While getting ready for work, I also packed my gym bag.  After work, I changed clothes and went on the treadmill.  Oh did that feel good!  I haven't worked out much lately and I'm missing it!  I'm far from a fitness guru, but since my diabetes diagnosis I have been working out and actually enjoying it.  (I'm one that took JROTC in high school to get out of PE.)

However to my surprise, my glucose levels were in the low 120s about 15-20 min after my workout.  Considering I ate a Kashi granola bar as I was getting ready to work out (to prevent a low), I guess overall it was ok.  Hubby and I went out for lunch where I had a great salad and a diet Coke.  I came home to find that the kids had actually done some of their chores.  Hmm, I think this deserves some homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Today's BEST:  Deciding I was going to work out, actually doing it, and *gasp* enjoying it!

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