Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new day, looking at a new month

Today was a new day and I feel so much better than I did the previous two days.  Tomorrow starts a new month.  A new page of the calendar. 

At our house, we have a large desk calendar mounted on the wall.  Next to that hangs a package of fine-tipped markers that say, "Do Not Remove! Mom's markers!"  Our large calendar is color-coded with each member of the family (including Mom and Dad) assigned a color.  (My favorite color is green so that's my marker color.)  When people ask how I keep things straight with having five children, I mention our calendar. 

Of course I have to remember to put things on the calendar.  Most of our family's schedule is in my head.  Hubby was lucky that I was sick on a Friday.  Specifically that Friday, when there was nothing planned.  Every other Friday we have piano, but that's not on the calendar yet.  He was also lucky it wasn't Tuesday or Thursday.  Those are swim lesson days which are also not on the calendar.  Tuesdays are also anime club.  Oh and Thursdays are also newspaper and percussion ensemble days.  None of those things on the calendar.  I think I actually do have Girl Scout Mondays labeled, but I'm not sure.  So far Wednesdays are pretty open, but then there are those days that I work that aren't on the calendar.  I guess I'd better check my craft fair schedule as well.  Oops!

Sometimes I feel this way about my diabetes.  I have a pretty good idea what's going on, but no one else does.  Or I might have a small idea of what's happening here and now, but the big picture is just too overwhelming.  I check my blood sugar levels, when I remember.  I don't really do anything with those numbers.  I have a cable and software so I can upload my results onto my computer but I don't do that very often.  How often do I compare my results with what I ate to check for a pattern (good, bad, or in between)?  Exercise is often hit or miss.   I know overall my diabetes is in good control but then I take a step back - Is it really? 

It may be in good enough control to not require medication at this point.  It might be in good enough control for my A1c results to come down.  But honestly is it in good enough control?  Could I be doing better?  The Lord blessed me with five wonderful girls to raise.  If they were the ones with diabetes, would I just say, "Eh, it's good enough"?  I need to keep in mind that I am not doing this just for me.  I am not the only one effected by diabetes in this family.  It effects everyone - my husband, my children, even my dogs (hmm possible blog topic for another day).  If I'm not doing my best, it's not good enough!

Tomorrow's goal: At least get February's calendar up to date!  (And try to update the other months while I'm at it.)

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