Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wii had more fun today!

It seems whenever we have friends over to play on the Wii, our children find a renewed interest in it and we have Wii playing marathons.  We played Wii Fit most of the afternoon.  My legs are a little tired, but in a good way.  The kid had fun and didn't just sit around inside the house.

We had 4-H this afternoon, too.  As a service project, we made fleece braided rope dog toys for the animal shelter.  I've made them for craft fairs, so the girls and I demonstrated how to make them and the whole club made lots of dog toys.  I meant to count them, but there were so many.  The children were so proud of their work!

I have a decision to make - whether to be a participant in the ADA Step Out walk or organize a local walk this fall.  The closest walk, the one I did this last fall, is almost an hour away.  I know a lot of people would participate if there was a walk here in town.  It's such a difficult decision.  If anyone has organized a third party event for the ADA, I'd love to hear from you with feelings and suggestions.

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