Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wii had fun today!

(Real short since I'm tired, but I'll include some links for you all.)  Today was a lot of fun!  First hubby and I went shopping for food and some other little things.  Then I went to a baby shower for a family from church.  I really enjoy getting together with other adults and I got to snuggle a little baby boy.  That's something this mom of five girls doesn't get to do very often.  After lunch, we had some friends come over to try Your Shape and Just Dance on the Wii as well as try Mousse Temptations from Jell-o.  Fun and food!  My wonderful hubby also offered some other snacks like a cheese-cracker-sausage tray, a veggie tray, chips and salsa, plus some other little things that escape my mind right now.  Thanks to House Party for all of the fun!

Today's BEST:  Having a great group of friends over to play, eat, and just have fun!  We also played the other Wii games we have.  Thanks for coming over!  I can't wait to have friends over again soon!

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