Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy busy

Today has been a busy, busy day!  After dropping everyone off, the youngest one and I went shopping for our first of the month stock up shop - toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.  Since it was cold outside and we had no commitments until lunchtime, we took our time walking around the store.  After about 2.5 hrs, we decided to pay for the items in our cart and head home.  I was craving a diet Coke and Snickers bar (my typical impulse items), so of course I added them to my purchase.  Yes, I tested my glucose level before eating it.  Thanks to walking around the store, pushing a cart, my numbers were in good shape.

At lunchtime, we went out to our favorite Asian buffet where we ran into a couple of my husband's coworkers and the staff from our church.  Our five year old is really liking our new pastor and was excited to see her as well as the others from church.  I'm glad she likes the new pastor and has clicked with her.  Our previous pastor is awesome and the children love her, so I was concerned how they would take to this new one.  So far they all like her.

This afternoon I put away my morning purchases and did the usual after school running around.
  • Pick up two kids 
  • Get the younger three started on chores
  • Pick up older two and a friend 
  • #2 and friend practice a trumpet duet
  • Pick up dog food and hubby
  • Back home 
  • Pick up second one and her friend to take the friend home.  
  • Dinner.  
  • Homework.  
  • Watch a little TV and play online
Now it's only 8:30pm and I'm ready for bed.  The cold weather we've been having has been chilling me to the bone.  Right now it's 3* with a -15* windchill.  This morning the windchill was -24*.  I'm surprised that we had school today.  I think I'm going to end here and enjoy some low carb hot chocolate with some homemade graham crackers.  That's the BEST ending I can think of for this cold day!

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