Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review: Diet To Go meals

A while ago I was approached by a representative from Diet to Go to try out their meals geared toward people with diabetes. Since they were sending me the meals for free in exchange for my own honest opinion, I figured why not.

Now I will say that I don't typically use pre-packaged meals for breakfast or dinner. My breakfast typically consists of a protein drink that can be easily consumed during my early morning commute to the school where I teach. Dinners are with my family, eating the same meals that they are having. As a result, most the meals I received were brought to school for my lunch.

The meals arrived in a large styrofoam cooler with ice packs and dry ice. Since they were shipped frozen, I placed them all in my freezer as I unpacked the shipment. There was no clear instructions on how to store the items or even how to prepare them. Were they just to be thawed or microwaved? Were they to be thawed before microwaved? A few of the meals had some basic instructions like heating to a certain temperature, but nothing as clear as one would find on a frozen meal from the grocery store. Perhaps this information was found on the website, which I will admit I have only given a brief look at a few times.

Overall the food was good. I don't think I tried anything that turned my stomach. Everything seemed healthy. Only a few of the meals had the nutrition information on the package (again this might be on the website, but I'm not sure). Some meals pushed the 45 g carbs mark. I believe that Diet to Go uses the American Diabetes Association's guidelines of everyone eating 30-45 g carbs per meal. This one size fits all approach is not something I cater to, as my body reacts to carbs differently at different times of the day.

If you're ok with the amount of carbohydrates per meal and the price of the meals, this might be something for you. The convenience was nice as I could just grab something from my freezer without much thought. The taste was also good. I was surprised how much I did like some items that I may have not tried otherwise. The main negatives were the lack of nutritional information and preparation instructions on the packaging.

Disclaimer: Diet to Go provided me with five days worth of meals free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thanks Sue, I always wondered if these things were good, let alone nutritious. I do not usually have that many carbs for lunch (like you, when I might use these meals) but well I suppose maybe?