Monday, June 20, 2011

Just sayin'!

Do you ever have a phrase that really annoys you when others use it but then you find yourself using it, too?  Well that phrase for me is, "Just sayin'!"  Prime example of undesirable usage: Child misbehaves, gets caught, tries to justify actions, parent doesn't buy it, child replies, "Just sayin'!"  Yeah, Mom is "just sayin'" you're wrong!

The phrase is like nails on a chalkboard for me.  However, I find myself using that same phrase in conversation with hubby.  Yes, it annoys him just as much when the kids use it, so he doesn't care for it when I use it either.  Totally understandable. It bugs me when I catch myself using it.  Thankfully he doesn't use the phrase.

Diabetes throws me so many "Just sayin'!" moments.  If I eat too many carbs and start feeling off, testing my glucose will give my meter a chance to say "Just sayin', you shouldn't have eaten that."  If I don't exercise like I should, I get another "Just sayin'!"  Don't eat enough, my low glucose levels remind me with a "Just sayin', you know you can't skip breakfast."

Life throws us many "Just sayin'!" moments.  It's how we react that's important.

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