Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Name the meter?

There are a few within the DOC (diabetes online community) who have started naming their devices - meter, insulin pump, lancing device, etc.  As of yet, I have not.

Tonight I got to thinking.  Should I name my meter? My lancing device? If so, should I give them all the same name or each one a different name?  Yes, I have multiple meters.

My main meter is in my purse, my primary meter.  I have another one in my dresser and a third in my locker at the Y.  I think I might have a fourth still in the box.  They are all made by the same company. Same model even.

I think eachmeter  should have its own name, if any name at all, considering they have different personalities due to their usage. The one in my purse is more social, out and about.  The homebody is in my dresser.  The one in my locker is kind of shy, but there when needed.  The one in my box is kind if overlooked.

Hey, if I get one more then I can name them after my children! *snicker*

Seriously... Ok, as seriously as a post about naming medical equipment can be, do you name you meter?  Should I name mine?

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