Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't give up!

Last week, I wrote about my friend, Cindy, who was on America's Got Talent.  She decided to follow her dream to become a professional singer.  Last week, the judges loved her!  The internet was all over her, calling her the American version of Susan Boyle

This week, the Las Vegas episode aired.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as well for her this time.

Is she going to just give up?  Oh, I hope not!  The internet is still singing her praises.  Many are saying she just chose the wrong song for her voice. 

What touched me the most is how she interacted with the others that she was in competition with.  She wasn't rude, snooty, or stand-offish.  She was encouraging, loving, and amazingly supportive.  To me, that's what a true champion is made of.

Cindy, you are loved!  We're still looking forward to your first CD!

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