Friday, July 1, 2011

Following a dream

In high school, I had a friend who was an amazing singer.  (Actually I had several friends who were great singers, but this story is about a particular one.)  She dreamed of singing professionally, but her parents are traditional Korean, wanting their children to become doctors or get a PhD.  On Wednesday night, the friend I hadn't seen in 25 years was on national television, finally taking a shot at her dream.

She appeared on stage awkward, with a giggle and a snort.  The audience and judges seemed to find her almost a joke.  I was starting to panic.  I remembered her giggles and cheerful personality, but would she still have that amazing voice after all these years?  From the faces of those watching on tv, I wasn't sure how she would perform and how they would react.  However, just like Susan Boyle, they were all about to be blown away.

Yes, I went to high school with Cindy Chang, the buzz of the internet over the last two days.  She graduated two years before me.  Her younger sister was actually in my graduating class.  I'm not writing this to brag or say, "Look! I know someone who is going to be famous!" (Though I know she is going to go far!)  I'm writing this because Cindy is finally following her dream.

How many times have we given up on our dreams?  Many times others talk us out of those dreams, saying it's not a good financial risk or maybe saying we're not capable.  How many times have we talked ourselves out of our dreams?  "I can't do this because..."  Whether it's our level of education, our financial situation, or our physical abilities, we can usually find an excuse not to take that leap.

On Wednesday night, I saw Cindy take that leap.  She was nervous.  She was scared.  But she was also awesome!  Will she win in Las Vegas?  Time will tell.  There are many, many talented people that will be there.  However, at this point she is on the radar and I'm confident she will now be living her dream

Ask yourself, "What is my dream? What is holding me back?"  Find out what is holding you back and figure out how to get around that so you can follow that dream.  Life is too short not to at least try!

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