Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life beyond diabetes

I was just chatting with another PWD (person with diabetes) online.  We talked about our diagnosis.  We talked about the different types of diabetes.  We both agreed that regardless of what type of diabetes you have, it just plain sucks.  Then I paused for a moment.  Was diabetes all we had in common?

We both agreed with a quote from one of our favorite diabetes bloggers, Kerri.  "Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me."  Unfortunately she had to go, but before we ended our chat we both agreed that next time we'd chat about something non-diabetes related. 

So if diabetes doesn't define me, what does?  Who am I outside of diabetes? Well, I'm a wife and the mother of five.  I'm a substitute teacher.  I love children and I love playing in our church's handbell choir.  I enjoy walks when it's not too hot or too cold.  I don't like to drive, but I do taxi the family around a lot.  I have two dogs, a cat, a lizard (anole), and a tree frog.  Hopefully I'll get the fish tanks ready for some new fish soon.  If I had it my way, I'd also have chickens. 

My dreams (besides a cure for diabetes) include being able to travel some place other than North America. I would love to visit Germany and Switzerland.  Actually Australia would be a wonderful place to visit, too.  I would love to see various animals in their native environment - like a koala!  I would like to teach full-time in my own classroom.  I dream someday of grandchildren, being able to spend time with them whenever I can.  Seeing them participate in various activities and events.  Seeing them graduate and get married.

Does diabetes influence who I am and my dreams?  More than I'd like.  It's an uninvited intruder into my life.  However, it has also been the bridge that has allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people that I might not have ever met if it wasn't for diabetes.

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