Friday, August 26, 2011

It's too quiet here

This week my kids went back to school.  After a summer with five kids at home, having them all at school is almost frighteningly quiet. Parents will know that when you have children and it suddenly gets quiet, that's when it's time to worry.  Yes, it's that kind of feeling.  It's hard for me to get motivated to work on housework when I have an eery feeling that something is wrong, even though I logically know they are all safe in their classrooms.

This morning, after taking the kids to school and the hubby to work, I came home and ate breakfast.  Unfortunately the breakfast I chose had too many carbs to allow me to sit at the computer this morning.  So I grabbed my cell phone, identification, keys, and meter out of my purse, and started for a walk. 

Is this the part where I admit that I also grabbed some change so I could stop for a Diet Coke along the way?  Ok, confession time: I grabbed $2 worth of quarters out of my change jar knowing I'd probably stop at a small restaurant just under a mile from my house.  I figured it was a great place to get a drink and check my glucose levels to see if I was going too low.  I also grabbed my debit card in case I was going too low and needed some carbs.  Thankfully I only needed the drink.  (Yes, I know that water would have been a *much* better choice, but I needed that carrot to motivate me today. I'll go get a glass of water right now... Ok, I have water now.  Yes, I'll actually drink it, too!)

Of course now it's almost time to have lunch with hubby and I haven't gotten any housework done.  There are projects I'd like to do before I start getting called to substitute teach.  Once I start getting sub calls, chaos happens, though I can't wait to start getting those calls. 

This afternoon, I think my "before the kids come home" are:
  • dishes
  • pick up the living room
  • fold/put away my laundry
  • watch a tv show from the DVR without interuption
I guess by writing it down, I am now accountable to that list.  Hmmm... let's see what happens!

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