Monday, January 14, 2013

My Review: eMeals

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write this review. These opinions were not requested by any of the websites mentioned.  The link used for eMeals is my referral link.

Have you heard about eMeals?  If you've listened to Dave Ramsey, you've probably heard a commercial for them.  I've heard their commercials and Dave's endorsement for the company for years, but still I was weary.  Then a friend posted something about it on Facebook.  I thought, "Hey, here's a real person who uses this product that I know and respect. Maybe I should check it out!"  So I did and I'm so glad!  There are several types of meal plans (low carb, classic family, portion control, paleo, etc).  I just picked the type of meal plan for us, picked the grocery store from the list, and print off the menu/recipe and shopping list.

I was a little hesitant also because it is a paid service.  You can sometimes find coupon codes online to make it a little cheaper.  Also, for three months worth of menus (that's 84 meals!), it's only $21!  That's less than it costs for my family to eat out once.  If this program can save my family from eating out just once, it was totally worth it!

I now have a binder with page protectors.  In each page protector is a week's menu and shopping list.  The current week's menu is in front with a schedule of when we'll eat each meal in a page protector in front of that.  We don't eat the meals in the same order they have printed.  Some nights need a crockpot meal, where others work well for a longer prep time.  We're starting our second week with eMeals, and I'm in love!

If you'd like to try this out, just click on the image below.  Check out the sample meal plans then sign up for the one that's best for you.  You can even sign up for more than one if you can't decide.


  1. Am curious what plan you are on and if you are enjoying the recipes (or not !). Like yourself I am not paid by emeals and try to give an objective review of the various recipes I have made.