Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear Fast Food Restaurants,

When we order diet soda, it isn't because we want to drink it. We know the controversy about artificial sweeteners. We also know the controversy about soda in general, but it's nice to have a treat of a carbonated beverage now and then.

Please don't mark the soda diet and tell us that it's diet when it actually isn't diet. Sometimes we can't tell just by tasting it. Sometimes we suspect but are distracted or think our taste may be off that we trust you.

Yes, we trust you! We understand that you work for minimum wage. We understand that you work long hours, sometimes at two (or more) jobs to make ends meet. We understand that some people order diet that don't need diet. Actually some of them may be healthier if they added a few pounds.

Regardless of all of this, please consider the following: Many of us that order diet soda do so because we have diabetes. Regular soda makes our glucose levels rise. Sometimes dangerously, sometimes not. If a customer orders diet soda, please be certain that the drink you hand them is actually sugar free.

If there is even a small doubt in your mind, please don't think it's no big deal. It is! It is a very big deal!

Please think again when you have a customer order a diet soda.

A diabetic customer


  1. The first thing is that they aren't working for minimum wage, they are working at waiter wages which is $2.10 an hour plus tips. That is a very important distinction for them. Secondly, they have more customers than just you, and mistakes get made, not that they are unaware or careless. However, you do possess a tool to guarantee that you won't drink a sugared drink. If you use your meter to test a sample of the drink, LO means that you have a diet drink and HIGH means there is sugar in it. Since most strips cost somewhere around $1 a strip, I would suggest getting the Relion Prime meter from Walmart to test drinks. Strips are $9 for 50 making them very affordable for this purpose.

    1. Actually fast food workers don't get tips so they do receive full minimum wage. Also, when I'm at the drive-thru window asking the person who actually poured my drink if it is actually diet, I expect that person to know. I have tried the test strip trick before, but my meter gave an error message, not HI/LO.