Monday, May 26, 2014

Type 2s at #FFL? #MasterLab!

This probably sounds silly, but for the last few years I've been jealous of Type 1s and their families. Why? Friends for Life (#FFL). This conference is sponsored by Children With Diabetes (CWD) and is designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and their families. I felt like a kid not invited to a birthday party.

This year there is an event at FFL with Type 2s on the invite list: Diabetes Hands Foundation's MasterLab. Want to spend a day talking about advocacy? MasterLab is for you! Recently I was made aware of this day of advocacy discussion and asked to attend as a person with Type 2 diabetes (see disclaimer below). After looking at the schedule, how could I say no?

I would love to see more Type 2s at this event so I wanted to help put the word out. Here's a special deal for those attending FFL already:
Diabetes Hands Foundation offers this MasterLab in collaboration with Children with Diabetes (CWD).  Registered participants in CWD’s Friends for Life conference are welcome to join the MasterLab as part of their experience at no additional cost. Separate registration for the MasterLab is required.  
(Note: There's more information on the MasterLab page if you want to take advantage of this offer.)
The excitement and anticipation grows as I try to figure out what to pack, find out which of my diabetes online community (DOC) friends will be there, and figure out what bag will fit under the seat in a 16"x14"x12"  space to carry my clothes and laptop.

Are you going to FFL or MasterLab? Let me know! Maybe we can meet up!

Disclaimer: I have been offered a scholarship by the Diabetes Hands Foundation as part of my participation in the Diabetes Advocates program to attend the MasterLab. My travel and hotel are being covered by the scholarship, but the opinions and ideas (as well as excitement and anticipation) I will report on are my own.


  1. I am headed to the MasterLab only (also on scholarship). Looking forward to meeting you there.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! I can't wait to see you there, Sue!

  3. So so so excited you will be there and we'll finally get to meet!!!