Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Loving #dblogcheck

I've loved reading blogs today and checking in with a comment. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to very many due to a hectic schedule today. Maybe we should have a #dblogcheck week?

I'm making this blog post from my phone, so I'm not able to link back to the person who organized this right now. Please search via Google or look on Twitter for the hashtag #dblogcheck.

I plan to read and comment more during the week as I discover some more amazing diabetes blogs!


  1. Stretching it to a week sounds like a great idea to me!!


  2. Good news is, you're not the only one turning #dblogcheck day into a whole week. There's so much good stuff out there to read! :)

  3. Hope the week treats you well, despite being hectic! Thanks for all that you write and share, and I'll look forward to more as you're able. So much appreciate everything you contribute, and loved the FB note about first comment love. btw: smartphones are pretty cool, aren't they?! :)