Monday, July 7, 2014

#MasterLab Wardrobe

In preparation for MasterLab at Friends for Life, I purchased some diabetes-related t-shirts. I thought I'd share here where I got those shirts in case anyone else wanted to get one for themselves or a loved one.

Big Blue Test t-shirt from Diabetes Hands Foundation - This t-shirt was designed to advertise Big Blue Test. I wore this shirt to the airport in hopes I'd meet others attending MasterLab. Unfortunately I didn't meet anyone until I got on the shuttle to the hotel at the Orlando airport, but that's ok.

As a salute to the DOC (diabetes online community) and the collaboration that I knew would occur at MasterLab, I wore this great DOC t-shirt designed by my DOC friend, Mike Durbin. I loved this shirt so much that I wore it to church on Sunday (after doing laundry) as I thought about all those who live with diabetes every day.

This picture was taken with NASCAR driver and PWD (person with diabetes, Ryan Reed. I have to admit that I was take aback for just a moment about his age. He's a couple months younger than my oldest child. How exciting he's accomplished so much and is an amazing advocate!

In honor of my children who I would see that evening, I wore a shirt that said, "Diabetic moms make the sweetest kids." I got it at a CafePress store I found while searching for more diabetes-related t-shirts.

I had fun getting my picture taken with Lenny the Lion, mascot for Medtronic.

Although I knew I wouldn't be at MasterLab, I wanted another shirt for Blue Fridays. This t-shirt is the simple blue circle design used by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).  Since I spent the day relaxing with my family, I didn't think to get a picture of me wearing the shirt. Can you tell where my cat's favorite nap spot is?

This shirt wasn't bought before MasterLab and Friends for Life. I received a special request from a local friend a few days before I left for Florida. She had spotted a t-shirt on Facebook that would be sold at the conference by the Diabetes Research Institute. On the front it said, "#diaBEATthis" with the DRI logo on the back.

She was hoping I'd pick up a t-shirt for her while I was at the conference. Of course! After seeing the t-shirt, I had to have one for myself as well. The picture was taken with two bottles of Diet Coke, one saying "friends" and the other "family".

I'm glad I had an excuse to increase my diabetes wardrobe!


  1. It was great meeting you at MasterLab. I had a blast running around the exhibit hall. Ryan Reed seemed so happy to have his picture taken with you. And don't forget to show off that bright yellow Freestyle bag (who really needs a bag that big and heavy duty for a little meter).


  2. Love the T-shirts! All of them! I have a YouCanDoThis Project t-shirt, but I think that's about all I have in my d-wardrobe. I'm feeling a little green with D t-shirt envy!