Sunday, January 3, 2016

Logging Challenge with @mySugr

I love gadgets. Honestly. I love my cell phone, kindle, laptop, and even my glucometer. What's even better than a fun gadget? A fun app to go with it! It makes even sucky things like diabetes a little more fun!

I've been using the logbook app from mySugr for a while now. I love it! It makes logging a lot more fun as I tame my diabetes monster. Even though I'm not on the medication, I've named the little monster Lizard Spit (look up Byetta and you'll understand).

Unfortunately even though I love using this app, I have to admit that I'm not always consistent. Ok, I'm rarely consistent if you want full disclosure here.

It's the New Year! This time of year is full of people making resolutions and goals. I prefer to call them goals, because resolutions have a reputation of lasting a very short time. My goal for 2016 is to take better care of my health. Especially my diabetes. Well the awesome people at mySugr are on board with this, too. They've started a 30 day challenge. Here are the details from their Facebook page:

These three have their New Year’s Resolutions set on the #30DLogging Challenge! Will you join them? The boss is giving...
Posted by mySugr on Monday, December 28, 2015

Watch the video, check out their site, download the app, and join the challenge!

What are you going to name YOUR monster?

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  1. I downloaded mySugar a while ago, but admit that I've rarely used it. That's all changed thanks to the challenge. And I have to admit, I'm really loving tracking everything because this app makes it so easy!!

    Oh, and my monster? His name is Glucifer. Because goodness know diabetes must be spawned from the devil!!