Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Blame Game

This is my third in a series of posts for Diabetes Blog Week 2017.

The Blame Game, huh? That's one of the prompts for D-Blog Week. Oh such a loaded topic. People with diabetes being blamed for their illness?



Hey, I have Type 2 diabetes - the ultimate blame game is here! Society is convinced that we are nothing more than lazy overeaters that deserve our fate. Never mind the overwhelming evidence that it's more about genetics than if I ate a Twinkie last week.

Ummm... I don't like Twinkies, but Snickers.... oh off topic...

Yes, there are ways to lessen the risk of Type 2 diabetes through proper eating habits and regular exercise. However this lessens the risk. It does not prevent the possibility. Sometimes genetics bites you in the back side. 

Please don't blame anyone living with any critical illness. No one in their right mind would intentionally cause this for themselves. 

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  1. I love me some snickers. When I am on my death bed, I want three things. A Snickers, A peanut buster parfait and two pizza's. That will be awesome, if only I were conscious.