Monday, May 15, 2017

Diabetes and the Unexpected

This is my first in a series of posts for Diabetes Blog Week 2017.

Today's topic for d-blog week is "Diabetes and the Unexpected." I admit I'm not sure where to start here as everything about diabetes pretty much is unexpected. Physically and emotionally. Well, maybe that's not true.

What was *not* unexpected:

  1. My diagnosis. Since I have a family history of Type 2 and I personally had gestational diabetes five times, I was honestly expecting a diagnosis of diabetes eventually. The unexpected part: Getting diagnosed in my 30s as an active, healthy mom of five young children.
  2. High blood sugar after too many carbs. I mean, really. Isn't that pretty much expected. Too many carbs for someone who is insulin resistant means high blood sugar is pretty much a done deal. The unexpected part: High blood sugar from healthy foods such as carrots. Yeah, I know carrots have natural sugars in them (sugar=carbs), but who would think that carrots would be bad for you?
  3. Low blood sugar with too few carbs and lots of activity. The opposite of #2 - If a person with diabetes doesn't eat enough carbs and then exercises, there is a good chance that person will go low. The unexpected part: Going low from doing housework. Yes, housework. Picking up my kids' clothes off the floor, picking up dishes left here and there, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. I have actually gone low from simply doing housework.
  4. Information and advice from others online. The internet is full of information about diabetes. Some good. Some... ummm... Let's just say orca water will not cure diabetes. The unexpected part: The friends I have made because of diabetes. I was not expecting to meet so many wonderful, caring, loving people through the DOC (diabetes online community). Helpful and full of advice, yes. A family, no. I can honestly say that the people I have met have become my family. My brothers and sisters in diabetes. I also have my advocate cousins, those with other health issues that I have learned from and love with all my heart.
Thank you to my friends who have joined me on this journey. Your love and support means more than I ever expected!


  1. Another reason never to do housework.
    Kidding aside diabetes never plays fair.
    Thankful for the diabetes community and your friendship.

  2. Sue, you mean Okra water will not cure diabetes? Are you kidding? Dammit. Ok, can I count on mint ice tea to make my hair grow? (Do not break my heart here) :)

  3. I love your take on this post, comparing the expected to what was unexpected. I can only imagine how difficult it was when you were first diagnosed with FIVE young children. I have two young children and have had diabetes for 24 years and it's still hard for me. And yes, housework can cause blood sugars to go to outsource that to your husband ;-)