Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chicken - head = MOM

Today was a very busy day.  This morning I worked at my part-time job (one I can take my kids with if needed), had lunch with dd5 and hubby, did a little shopping (toilet paper, etc), picked up kids, swimming lessons, picked up more kids, fed dd3, picked up hubby, drove dd3 to a school activity, picked up dinner for the rest of us, ate my fries on the way to pick up dd3 (please ignore carb count today), came home to eat the rest of my dinner, went to bell choir practice, came home, helped dd1 with her class schedule for next year, helped dd2 with her grammar homework, and now here I sit.  *WHEW*

Mitvah of the day: As I was dropping off dd3, a friend called and asked if I could give her daughter a ride home from the same activity.  She has given my daughter several rides, so of course I said yes since I had to pick up my child and it wasn't out of my way at all to drop her off.  It made me feel good to give back a little after all she had done for me.

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