Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot chocolate snuggles

This morning I went to the Y to work out.  Having a 5 yr old cutie who doesn't want her mommy's legs cut off is always a great motivator.  (The kids know that my grandfather lost both of his legs due to diabetic complications.)  Said cutie sometimes has meltdowns in the drop-in nursery if things don't go her way (kid not sharing, someone in her spot, etc.).  As I left I reminded her that if she didn't have any fits, we'd do something special.  On my return I got a glowing report.  Not only was she fit-free, but she was very quiet the whole time.  This leads into my...

Mitzvah of the day: When we got home, I made dd5 hot chocolate, gave her some miniature marshmallows, and a few graham crackers.  We snuggled together on a chair while waiting for the water to heat up.  She really enjoyed her little treat!

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