Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Search engine fun

I was introduced to StatCounter recently by another blogger (Hi, Kerri!), and I've found it interesting to find out how others have found my blog.  Most of my readers are friends, but occasionally various search engines lead people over.  Some of the keyword searches that have lead people to my blog have been:

  • youtube composting wiggly worm   
  • type 2 diabetes and kashi   
  • what's it like to have diabetes
  • engrossed in a book
  • sugar induced moodswing
  • shrimp chimichangas
Sometimes I wonder how people come up with the words or phrases they use to search.  I'm glad that a few are diabetes-related.  My goal of this blog is mainly to have a place where I can let out my frustration but also to share with others with Type 2 diabetes so they know they're not alone.  Thanks for letting me share my struggle with you!

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