Thursday, May 13, 2010

Regroup and refocus

There are some days I want to hide from it all - diabetes, housework, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, work, errands, taxiing kids and hubby...  On days like that I try to step back and figure out why I'm wanting a mini-escape.  Usually it's because I put very high expectations on myself which causes me to burn out a little.  Perfect glucose levels, perfect house, perfect children, perfect me.  I know that some days I'm just trying to prove to myself (and others) that I have it all put together.  I'm perfectly organized.  My children are perfectly behaved.  Afterall, there are five of them, so some days I feel like I'm under a microscope.  My glucose levels are at non-diabetic perfect levels.

Who am I fooling?

This week I've gone from lows causing me the shakes to sick to my stomach highs.  I just realized tonight that I'm double booked Sunday night.  I need Clean Sweep to come and bulldoze a couple kid rooms.  As our family schedule changes, I need to adjust and adapt.  My stress level has gone up a little and I've noticed it in my patience level.  I think tonight I need an early bedtime with some prayer and meditation.  Spending some quiet time with God always helps me to refocus.

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