Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another accomplishment

After lunch today, four of the kids went with me to get a Father's Day present for my hubby.  He wanted a new pair of work gloves.  We found a pair that I thought would work (might need to exchange them, not fitting quite right) and got him a bag of peanut clusters (peanuts covered in chocolate).  This locally owned store also has some yummy malted milk balls.  The kind with a nice thick layer of chocolate.  I'm happy to say that I resisted the urge to buy them!  I've got a slight headache and feeling kind of "blah" which is the type of mood when I overindulge on carb-filled goodness.  As much as I wanted the candies, I also knew that I shouldn't purchase them today.  I'm very proud of myself!

Now to get some water and hopefully feel better so I can do a little housework and make my husband a delicious dinner!

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