Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obsessed or informed?

The cell phone carrier we use is expected to come out with two andriod phones (finally!) this summer.  I've been so excited about this and plan to get the phone of my choice as soon as our local store gets it.  In order to do that, I need to research the features, pros and cons, etc. of each phone.  One of the phones has already been released in the UK so there are plenty of sites with reviews and several YouTube videos demonstrating and reviewing the phone.  The other phone... well it hasn't been released anywhere yet, so you're lucky to find just the technical specifications.  Not good for a person who needs to see how it works, hear opinions of others, and get a good feel for the phone. 

The first phone is totally touch screen where the second phone has a slide out qwerty keyboard.  I like the keyboard idea, but the first phone has so many other features that make it so much better that I might have to just give up on that keyboard.  Unfortunately the second phone is coming out first.  Oh the agony!

Yes, I've been researching both phones as much as I can.  My kids, mainly the two teenagers, are calling me obsessed.  I feel that I am being a well informed consumer.  I don't want to just buy on impulse when they are available.  Hey, if my hubby can read up on raising sheep when we haven't even bought our farm property (probably five years or so from now), I can read up on cell phones that will be out this summer.  Right?

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