Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday I saw a hawk soaring in the sky. So graceful and free. I was in awe of such a beautiful creature. The moment wasn't even spoiled when my 13 yr old joked about the possibility of the hawk being struck by lightning and becoming dinner. I gave her a mom look (you know that look!) and went back to watching the bird until we it was out of sight.

As I remembered that bird, I was almost jealous. It looked so free with no cares. No schedules to keep, housework to do, bills to pay. Just soaring through the sky.

I'm sure many of us with diabetes, if not all, would like a similar type of freedom. Freedom from dietary restrictions, freedom from glucose meters, freedom from medication, freedom from doctors and blood tests, freedom from the diabetes police.  

We need a cure so that some day we will soar!

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