Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A day at a time

I'm still mourning the loss of my grandmother.  I told my husband that it's been a long week to which he replied, "You realize it's only Wednesday, right?"  Umm yeah.  *sigh*

Earlier this week, I was looking at some of the afghans and a quilt that Grandma made.  I have a plastic storage bin where I keep some put away from the children.  They're not fancy.  The quilt is a basic patchwork.  I'd like to learn how to make one someday.  I know the basics of this type of quilt, but I just haven't taken the time to actually make one.  First I'll start with fixing the one that the youngest was dragging across the house to the washing machine on Monday.

There is an afghan that I hope I have here that was one of my favorites growing up.  While looking for it, I realized how many of my grandmother's creations I have in our house.  In my second daughter's room, I found a green afghan.  Then I went into the room that my youngest two share to find another green afghan.  (Are you getting a feel for my favorite color?)  In my middle daughter's room, I found a quilt with leaves on her bed.  I didn't find one immediately in my oldest daughter's room, so I'm thinking about offering her on from my bin (pictured here) that has some darker colors in it.  Her bedding is dark blue, but I think she'd like it.

I had forgotten about the "flower" afghan that I had in that storage bin.  Most of the afghans I have from my grandma are straight lines.  They may contain different crochet stitches, but overall the same.  It's nice to have something different.

There are a few places where I haven't looked in search for my favorite afghan, so I haven't given up hope that I still have it.  Even as a child, that blanket gave me comfort.  I still remember when I got it, but I'll save that for the blog post when I can also post a picture to go with the story.


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