Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids are amazing!

Yesterday, my fourth called me while I was at my part-time job.  She was so excited!  The mail had just been delivered and *she* had a large envelope with her name on it!  "It says 'diabetes' on it."  I knew it would probably be from the ADA with information about the walk.  She was excited enough to get her own Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes page, but then to get an official walk packet - she was thrilled! 

Normally I wouldn't let her open mail, even her own, without me there, but I knew that would deflate her.  Instead I told her she could open it up and look at everything, but then to put it all in a neat pile on my bed when she was done.  When I came home, I found the large manila envelope on my bed with its contents neatly piled on top.

My third child came up to me two nights ago and asked if she could donate to the walk.  Of course she could.  Should she give the money to me or her sister?  I told her that it would mean a lot to her sister if she received the donation.  She agreed with a large, proud smile on her face.

My children are amazing!  They have started taking up a cause that has affected three people in their lives: a grandmother, a grandfather, and their mother.  They are learning that even one child can make a difference!


  1. That is wonderful!!

    I am proud of your kids from over here.

  2. WTG girls!

    Proud over here in PA!