Monday, September 20, 2010

It's been too long

I just realized that I haven't posted to this blog all month.  How sad is that!  I don't know how many people actually read my blog (though my purpose of this was mainly for my own ramblings), but I feel guilty for not posting lately.

Let's see...  since my first subbing assignment (which was fun), I've had a few more.  The first one was for the jr/sr high librarian.  Since then I've had 3rd grade special ed program assistant (teacher's aide), K-3 art, 2nd grade special ed teacher, and K-3 PE.  I'm having a lot of fun so far.  Today I didn't sub for the public school though I did sub for a coworker at the Y.  Also fun!

On the diabetes front, I'm scheduled to have a physical on Wednesday though I might have to reschedule.  I did make arrangements to get my blood work done at the hospital since the doctor's office doesn't open until after 8:30 am.  If I'm called in to sub, there's no way I could work out an in office blood test.  I think I'll go ahead and get my blood drawn tomorrow morning even if I have to reschedule the actual physical.  I'm a little scared what my A1c will be since I haven't had the tight control and amount of exercise that I want.  I'm guessing my A1c will be 6.5 or 6.6 - Anyone willing to guess?  My highest has been 6.9 and lowest 6.2, but when I was 6.2 I had nice tight control of my numbers and I was going to the Y every day, sometimes twice a day.

Exercise update: I have signed up for two classes this session: water aerobics and Tai Chi.  Water aerobics is M-F at 9am.  I work at the Y two of those mornings and last week I subbed the other three days, so I wasn't able to make it to that class.  I also skipped Tai Chi these first two classes.  The first one, I was dealing with post-cholecystectomy syndrome and had to stay home.  Last week, I was dealing with procrastination.  My friend asked me to sew her daughter's girl scout badges on her sash.  Of course I waited until the day of her first meeting of the year (I was supposed to have it done before her last meeting of last school year).  I'm hoping to make it this week, though I might have to leave early.  Something is better than nothing!

A friend and I have signed up for a "river to river" challenge.  It's a virtual walk of 168 miles between two rivers.  It starts today and we have 12 weeks to walk the distance.  I'm also participating in another walking challenge with our health department where teams see how many steps they can take each week. Pedometers were supplied to everyone participating, which I found a nice treat.  I think it's great that these two challenges have some overlap so I (hopefully) will be twice as motivated!

Next session, I might sign up for an evening class so I can avoid the excuse that I had to work. LOL

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  1. Oh - we do read, and while you were missed, we can understand that family does come first, so don't let that upset you.

    My family is grown and gone, but if they do come for a visit, I won't worry about blogging while they are here. Hope your family gets behind you and supports your exercising. It does wonders for the ole A1c.