Friday, September 24, 2010

Why me?

Yesterday, I received the October 2010 issue of Diabetes Forecast.  On the front cover I see:
How many times have we asked ourselves, "Why me?"  Not just diabetics, but anyone dealing with any type of medical condition, heartache, or even just life.  Many times there isn't an answer though.  We're always wanting answers.  Short, concise answers that easily explain the mystery of life.

When it comes to diabetes, most people don't point fingers when someone is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  It's not that person's fault that their pancreas doesn't produce insulin.  However when it comes to Type 2, there are always fingers pointing.  "You got diabetes because you're overweight."  "You ate too much sugar/candy."  "You don't exercise."  "You're just old and fat."  So how do you explain a woman in her late 30s who watched what she ate, exercised, and was only about 20 lbs overweight becoming a Type 2 diabetic?  Talk about a big "WHY ME?" 

So why do I think I have diabetes?  What do I tell people when they start to point fingers?  Well, my typical response is, "Sometimes genetics sucks!"  Sometimes!  I love my family and where I came from.  I don't blame my genetics, per se, but use them to explain.  It's not my mother's fault or my grandfather's fault for my genetics, though I'm grateful for my hazel eyes.  These are the cards I'm dealt.  It's nobody's fault.

Often time crisis is what pulls us together. A common cause can help people work together with others they might have never met before.  I have gotten to know a wonderful woman named Kerri through her blog ( about Type 1 diabetes.  Earlier this year she gave birth to her first child.  I love hearing about her life and struggles as a mother and Type 1.  She encourages me!  I have also gotten to know some people at the ADA.  Staff comes and goes, but talking to these people, even if just via phone or email, has given me encouragement.  Yes, some have lost their battle, but the pass their strength on and make us more determined than ever to continue their fight.  Yes, we will find a cure and we will do this together!  That is my "Why me?"

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