Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple is good

I love Christmas.  Not because of receiving gifts.  I love giving.  Nothing makes me happier than buying presents for my husband and children.  I love finding gadgets for our siblings as well. (I have to admit that I still have to finish the gifts for our parents.)  I'd be happy with just giving everyone presents and my gift being the joy on their faces. 

Although Santa didn't bring me what I really wanted this year (a cure), I did receive some great gifts that were simple and well thought out.  One of my favorite gifts that got a lot of laughs was a case of Diet Coke.  I love Diet Coke!  I even have a t-shirt that says so!  Opening that gift brought laughter and joy.  It was a simple gift, not expensive or flashy, but something that the giver knew would be appreciated. 

After a busy holiday at home and church followed by a visit with extended family, I am looking forward to the best gift of all: a few days with my husband and children at home.  Yes, simple... but simple is good!

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