Friday, October 14, 2011

The DOC - hard to explain

I've been thinking about the DOC (diabetes online community) a lot lately.  I've told others about DOC road trip get-togethers, my desire to go to the next closest ADA expo in hopes of meeting other DOCers, and DOC online conversations.  Sometimes I think they wonder if I have any real friends.  Some people don't understand social media or the online world.  Others don't understand the intensity of the relationships within the DOC. 

Last night I was listening to DSMA Live, chatting with those in attendance, when I felt that my glucose levels were a high.  Yes, it was probably due to the cake and ice cream I had for my youngest child's birthday, although I had a smaller portion than my smallest child.  (Birthday dinner was a little high on the carb count, too, I have to admit.)  With their encouragement, after the show I went to the gym and walked a mile on the track.  It felt good to walk and my glucose level came down nicely. 

Diabetes management is so much easier when you have others who understand.  I mean truly understand.  My husband and my kids, my wonderfully amazing Type Awesomes, are understanding but they can't truly understand. To truly understand, you need to be in the same situation.  Although other diabetics understand better than non-diabetics, each person with diabetes is unique. No one can know 100% what the other person is going through, but the people of the DOC come closer than anyone I've met.

Thank you, Brian, for your Faith Friday post, sharing how your faith in God and friends of the DOC have helped you deal with diabetes.  Also, I want to thank Jess for posting the following song on her blog today.  Although I've never seen the musical Wicked, this song touched me.  Each person I've come in contact with, whether in person or online, has influenced who I am today.  The DOC has changed me "for good." I love you all!


  1. I love that song! Each and every word is so powerful!

  2. great post, sue! the DOC is amazing, and kinda hard to explain. so glad you're a part of it!