Friday, May 31, 2013

Here We Go Again

Next week is full of transitions.  It's the last week of school for my younger four.  Also the last days of substitute teaching for the school year.  Monday starts the summer session at the university.  I'll be taking seven hours - two classes.  One classes is research methods.  Three semester hours in four weeks!  The other class is on middle school education.  The last class I need for my middle school endorsement.  Four semester hours in eight weeks.

Add in my work schedule at the Y plus tutoring and spending time with my five kids and husband.  There you have a busy summer schedule!  I'm a little nervous but also very excited!

My hope is also to get into an exercise routine.  My goal is to get my next A1c below 6%.  Going to the Y or just for walks around the neighborhood needs to be part of my daily routine.  We have a dog who needs to lose some weight, so I think she'll be joining me on some of those walks (she's a little wider than this picture).  She had a herniated disc in Spring 2012, so it's important that she keep her weight down.

I often feel like I've failed, but I try to recommit to my goals (like exercise, watching my carbs, blogging, etc.) even if it feels like the 100th time.  I refuse to give up! What are some goals that you have?  Do you also sometimes feel you're needing to recommit to the same goals over and over?

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  1. You DO have a busy schedule!

    And HECK yeah, I seem to always need to recommit to my goals, too.

    You can do it!