Monday, November 4, 2013

Homework Helpers

 As I sit here working on my homework, a little visitor arrives. She walks over my pens and highlighters, steps on my notebook, then settles on my lap. Josie seems to know when I am stressed and need her snuggles. Even when I don't think I do.

Right now she's laying on my left hand, forcing me to type one-handed. Thankfully years of snuggling my babies while online prepared me for this.

Of course as I sit here with a cat laying on my homework with her head resting on my hand, it brings back fond teenage memories of my childhood cat, Scaredy Cat. He was also a "homework helper" like Josie. He loved to lay right on top of my math papers whether spread out on the floor or ottoman. His timing, like Josie's, seemed to always be when I needed to take a break from studying and just relax for a little while. Of course I would never (and probably won't even now) admit to it. It seems as if these homework helpers seem to know what we need.

(The picture here is of Josie, taken right after she had walked across my notebook, before she used that hand as a pillow for her head.)

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