Sunday, November 3, 2013


I love pancakes. The idea of a nice hot stack of pancakes with butter and syrup makes my mouth water. Or pecan pancakes! Oh wait, maybe chocolate chip pancakes with miniature chips sprinkled over the circles of batter on the griddle. Yum!

Diabetes Police: Woman, you have diabetes. You can't have pancakes!

Me: Says who?

DP: Don't you know that pancakes = carbs. Aren't carbs evil in the lives of diabetics?

Me: Haven't you heard the phrase "moderation not deprivation"? I can eat whatever I want. I can have ice cream. I can have cake. I can even have pancakes. Now I admit that I shouldn't have two large stacks with regular syrup pooling around the edges. I usually have a short stack with a little sugar free syrup. However I do occasionally splurge and add some chocolate chips.

DP: Oh now you've done it!

Me: What have I done? Admitted I'm human? I admit that sometimes I do indulge and eat more carbs than I should. Knowing that I'm not taking oral medication or insulin. Knowing that I'll have to bring my glucose levels down with some type of physical activity. Did you see my to do list for today? I need some extra carbs otherwise I'll be dealing with a sudden low.

DP: I guess you might actually know what you're doing.

Me: You think?

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  1. What?! You know what you're doing and actually plan out your day? Shocking!!

    (Kinda like how a runner carboloads before a race. No one questions their logic! But we do it for a health condition and we must be crazy!)