Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homework Saturday

Yes, this is me today.
This week, I've been dealing with other schoolwork, my daytime job, 
tutoring, my own children, housework...
So today I have a research paper, quiz, and a report on group work participation.
I'm also dealing with an ear ache.
I also have a large family who enjoy doing things on Saturdays.
Like listening to Christmas music while baking cookies.
Like watching Star Wars DVDs.
Guess grad school mama will be heading to the library to at least get my quiz done.
The paper may take me to another quiet location after dinner.
Taking it one step at a time.
(I'm kind of liking this format for today's blog.)
Edited to add: And sometimes illness causes you not to get done what you intended to do.
And you deal with what comes and move on.

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