Friday, July 23, 2010

Pizza test success!

Last night was the final night for our Vacation Bible School (VBS).  As I mentioned before, the meal was pizza which is one of my favorite meals but one of the worst for my glucose levels.  I didn't have time to pack myself a meal before we left, so I decided to have just one piece.  I honestly did just that.  One small slice of pizza, a little piece of watermelon, and one small chocolate chip cookie.  Perfect!  I got too busy to check my glucose levels, but I never felt that my sugar was too high. 

I was very proud of myself, knowing there was plenty of pizza for seconds (or even thirds!), but only taking what I knew my body would be ok with eating. 

This morning while we were taking everything apart, I got out a bag of leftover cookies from the church freezer.  One of the other volunteers said, "You can't have that."  I laughed at him.  "Did you just say I can't have that?  I can have anything I want.  I can't eat the whole dozen, but one or two is ok."  He laughed back and got the hint.  It's nice when the "diabetes police" are people that you can correct with a laugh.

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