Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Step Out - Super Supporters!

This morning I got an email from the ADA, addressing those of us who are signed up for this year's walk (Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes).  I've had the Facebook application along the left column of my profile page where my friends can click to donate or join my team.  For a couple of months, the only donation registering was my own.  The email I received today offered some tips on collecting donations.  In the email, it suggested:
  • Sending email through your Step Out Center and asking for a specific donation amount. If your goal is $500, ask 20 people for a $25 donation or 50 people for a $10 donation! No amount is too big or too small!
  • Updating your Facebook page and asking your Facebook friends to make a donation to your fundraising efforts. Again, ask for a specific donation amount to help reach your goals!
I thought about this.  My goal (for now) is $500.  I have just over 500 people on my friend list on Facebook.  So this morning, I posted my Step Out link, with the message:  "My goal is to raise $500. As of today, I have 505 friends on Facebook. If everyone just gave $1, I would be able to make my goal. Help me find a cure for diabetes! ♥"

Shortly after posting that, I left for my part time job.  While there, a friend happened to pass by and stopped to say hello.  She handed me $20 and I was thrilled.  Little did I know what was happening online at that moment.  When I returned home about three hours after posting on Facebook I found $60 in donations through the website.  Wow!  What an exciting feeling!

Less than five hours after my morning post, I wrote as my Facebook status: "is thankful for her friends who made donations on her American Diabetes Association Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes page. Less than $400 away from her goal! That's less than $1 per person on her friend list."  The donations kept coming in.  While composing this blog post, I have now reached almost $200 in donations - just today!

When I saw this, I have to admit that I broke down in tears.  Seeing how diabetes has effected those I love, I feel very strongly about finding a cure.  My grandfather lost both of his legs from diabetes.  My mother currently is dealing with diabetes for herself and watching me, her daughter, also deal with this disease that does not discriminate.  My husband has a father and a wife with diabetes.  My children know that when Mommy says she's over 200 that she's not referring to her weight.  I pray every day that a cure is found so that when my children become adults diabetes will be a memory and not something they will have to deal with first hand.

Some say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.  I believe that sometimes He gives you a little more than you think you can handle so that you lean on Him to gather strength and move on.  God has given me strength.  I am not bitter about being diagnosed with Type 2.  God has given me a mission to help others with and teach others about diabetes.  With the help of God and my "Super Supporters," all things are possible!

Update:  As of 1:45pm on Friday, July 9th, I have collected $304 in donations since Wednesday morning!  Thank you, everyone!

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